Self Action – A Challenge of Immense Beauty

I thought I’d be finished. At this point I believed that I would be atop the summit having read and tweeted the blog post of an Adam or Amy or Aaron – someone, anyone who was in the first position on the MKMMA 24 week Completers List.

My assumption was incorrect. There were so many people who completed the 2014 session that ended on Sunday that I started at Z and am comfortably nestled at the letter, F. That’s a lot of folks considering I have done this daily since the session began.

Rather than continue posting and tweeting from each blogger’s point of triumph at Week 26, I’m starting at the beginning and posting a week a day: compressing the experience every 26 days.

I’ll press on. Will I have reached my elusive A by the time the 2015 session begins in September? Only time will tell, I hope you’ll continue to read and follow my tweets to learn what happened when so, so many people moved beyond self-help to self-action.

Enjoy the journey!


Week 23. From Z – A. No Matter What

Gee, two weeks left to the 2014 MKMMA experience and I’m just entering the G’s. That’s means I’m still a ways away from the letter A. The first name on the list.

I’ve been faithful to my endeavor to tweet an MKMMA blog post each and every day since the inauguration of the 2014 class. No matter what, I got it done.

This has been a most rewarding experience. It kept me connected to my own dreams and challenges – and allowed me to send well wishes to those who were on their own journey.

This experience reinforced the vital truth of Give more. Get more. I gained so much value from each person’s truth. I wish them all the joy and awe of the dawning of each new day.

Week 22. There’s a Present Beyond the Chatter

A glance back in the rear view mirror of 2014’s Week 22:

Even when alone, I seldom was. Talk and sound bombarded, cajoled, and comforted. Voluntarily cut myself off? If only for a while? I accepted. Okay.

I entered a place, a space of my and why where there was only I. Within that space I was present. There. Now. The present was a moment. The present was a gift. I came to understand there is a present beyond the chatter.